Monday, January 31, 2011


Oh my, this lady.
Her name's Adele, she's from the UK, she's 21, and she's incredibly talented.
21! Also the name of her newest album (which is set to be released late February but inside sources got my hands on a copy early...). Her first album, "19", she recorded when she was 19. I sure hope this is a trend and she's spewing out such genuine stuff every couple years or so. I'm a fan.

Plus, I love stuff like this: in-home recordings, little blurbs from the artist tagged onto their work. It gives insight into their process.

**Update: I just listened to a short interview with Adele on NPR. Inspiration? Etta James. (No surprise there). And she hates the sound of her own voice; says if she wasn't herself she "wouldn't listen to my music". 

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  1. She is phenomenal! I'm going to have to find some more of her music, thanks for putting this up!