Friday, March 25, 2011

Expensive Hobbies + Poor College Student = Wish List

I'm picking up some expensive hobbies. Dang it. Here's a list of them and the things they recquire. This is really just a list for me to flesh out priorities and decide what to get and when.

Also, if anyone has tips on where to find these things cheap, speak up.
  1. Photography + Design Work
    • MacBook: my PC is seeing its last days and with graduation soon approaching, I'll no longer have free use of the University's library... :(
    • Photoshop/Illustrator
    • Studio Light Set up (for dance photog): a strobe, backdrop + stands and crossbar, strobe stand, umbrella, 2 pocketwizards
    • awesome lenses
  2. Travelling cool places to have great adventures
    • a car that's not broken + good tires: I like driving.
    • gas $$
    • flexible job + free time
  3. Music
    • $$: concerts, festivals
  4. Skiing
    • skis + poles: duh
    • boots
    • goggles
    • helmet
    • season pass
  5. Pretty shoes
    • Yea, I'm a girl.
So, uh, that'll about do it. Sheesh. Donations to the Chelsea Having Fun Fund are accepted.


  1. Hey I can definitely relate to you on this post. My wish list has become quite long lately, and very expensive. But as far as skiing goes, I might know of a place you can go to for cheap equipment. It is called 2nd tracks, and it is on 33rd. They have used skis, boots, helmets, packs, goggles, jackets, and all that stuff for really cheap! They have tons of different skis for any type of skier. I imagine they will be getting a lot more stuff at the end of the season too, so it might be a good idea to check it out in a month or so.

  2. If you want a cheap MacBook check the U bookstore, they sell electronics for pretty cheap. (Well cheaper then anywhere else I have found.) Or check out in the classifieds section. They have tons of stuff for cheap, useful for college art students for sure!

  3. One more place for cheaper macbooks (they're never really that cheap) is go to and find refurbished macbooks. You'll have to wait until they update models and instantly refurbed prices will drop an additional $300. My wife just got a macbook pro this way and saved about $600. If you're worried about the quality, don't be. I've have my refurbished macbook for over 4 years, no problems. Check this out for when to buy...

  4. Thanks for all of the tips, everyone! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some deals. If anyone is interested, the U's ORP is having a used gear sale April 13 - 14th. Super cheap stuff.